Wednesday, October 27

Tall Sexy MILF Gets Fucked in All Positions

There are not many Tall Milf pornstars we love more than Sofie Marie. Certainly she vivacious and very beautiful. Not to mention the fact she genuinely loves sex. Of course, we love the fact that she is totally photogenic and loves performing on camera. Equally important, we love watching her. On this occasion, she plays a photographer who met our producers in the park. Needless to say, it did not take much convincing when we suggested she model for us. Turns out, this is one of the hottest scenes we have ever filmed. Why not come in and see for yourself, you will be glad you did.

Thursday, September 2

Leave It To Moms Beaver The Milk Man

Mom serves breakfast to Beaver and Dad, and as she's pouring coffee she learns that Dad's boss has asked him to work let yet again! What's a horny housewife to do but try to get her husband's attention any way she can, including by laying a wet one on Dad as he tries to kiss her cheek goodbye? The boys rush out the door, although Beaver forgets his books. Finding herself alone in the house, Mom takes the opportunity to masturbate in the kitchen. She is interrupted by the milkman, who catches her with her tits and twat hanging out. Rather than being embarrassed, Mom decides that since she's been so neglected lately she's going to fuck the milkman.

Sunday, August 8

Amateur Homemade Film Porn

First thing to remember, a MilfTrip usually turns into Homemade Milf Porn. Of course, there are many shoots that reach a highly pro level. Such is the case with our latest find. We met Sofie in the park and instantly got an erection. In fact, that will undoubtedly be the result of you laying your horny eyes on this svelte brunette beauty. Sofie is tall and slender and sexy all day long. Turns out, the lady is ultra-horny and could not wait to get naked for our expert lens. One thing is for certain, she has a body built for fucking and knows how to use it. Moreover, this is a milf who has pro-style sex skills.

Sunday, July 4

Cumming With The Connors Aunts In My Pants

Aunt Jackie is into her nephew DJ. She can't keep her hands off her full tits or her greedy twat as she stares at his picture. Before long, Jackie has grabbed a dildo to fuck herself with as she keeps her eyes glued to DJ's photo. She can only imagine how good DJ would be in real life, but if he's half as good as he is in her fantasies then Jackie wants a piece of that action no matter the cost.

Tuesday, June 1

Slide Right In

Sofie Marie is looking good as she admires herself in the mirror after stepping out of the shower. She covers her body back up when she hears her stepson Damon Dice calling her to prepare his breakfast. The towel drops as they talk, and Sofie can't help but notice the way Damon stares at her rock hard nipples. Later, Sofie finds Damon stroking it as he gets ready for a date so she decides to give him a few pointers.

Monday, May 10

Sofie Marie Fucking in the Bed

Sofie Marie’s handyman Pete is over fixing the garage-door opener for her and her husband, and she discovers that he recognizes her from somewhere, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Later on, after his work is complete, a light bulb goes off in Pete’s head and he remembers where he saw Sofie not too long ago: the swingers’ club! Although a bit embarrassed, Sofie confesses and admits that she and her husband, yes, are swingers, and that Pete most likely did see her at the swingers’ club. her admission opens up a whole new plane of conversation and exploration for her and Pete. And because Mr. Marie isn’t home, Sofie takes the opportunity to explore what Pete’s got packing in his pants! She starts the handyman off with a handy, then proceeds to blow him and have him park his car in her garage!

Sunday, April 11

Tight Body Milf

With such a tight body at 37, it's no wonder that Sofie Marie is a huge showoff. She's a hot blooded American mom with a great set of small tits, a slim ass that is still a perfect handful, and a bare smooth pussy that begs to be fucked hard by a big dick.